Maud Walas
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Imagine a city full of colors and lights, a place everybody loves — a place where dreams can come true. This is New York. When you come here the first time, you know that you have to come back again, and again…

NY Cinemascope is a tribute to this city that I love for its energy, its people. Whether a New Yorker has landed here for one day or one life, each is playing the first role of their own story. No matter who you are, how you look, or what you do, New York always embraces you. 
In New York, you might find yourself in the background of a movie being filmed; or it might be the background of life itself — sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference. 

Maud WALAS Street photography NEW YORK couverture.jpg

Person of Interest

New York is a world city with its lights, its buildings, its grid pattern of streets and avenues. But the heart of the city, what makes it beat, is the diversity of people moving about its arteries. Each person is part of this giant network: businessmen with their red ties, fashionistas, workmen, families.

Taken apart, those individuals would not be as interesting; but captured in the city, they are an endless source of inspiration, making street photography more enjoyable than anywhere else.

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Paris Monochromy

My Paris is black and white; this is the way I like it — with a small dose of nostalgia, just enough to freeze it in time. Just enough to capture those kids playing in the Jardin du Palais Royal; the lonely woman smoking a cigarette on a terrace. 

I love walking in my monochrome Paris to find those moments that seem from another time. It is like being in a realistic dream from another decade or century; it is like writing stories with bits and pieces of peoples’ lives.

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Hong Kong Kaleidoscope

Hong Kong is a city full of contrasts: I like being lost on its small streets, surrounded by colors, odors, and noises. Being trapped in the Hong Kong labyrinth is a pleasure for the eyes and all the senses. From small food markets to exuberant buildings, Hong Kong is a paradise for street photography. 

Being in Hong Kong is like traveling in time, from past to future, from a time when craftsmen worked in the streets to a glittering, wonderland mix of luxury and technology. 

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The Lost City of Shanghaï

I am sad for Shanghai, sad for what it is becoming, for what I have seen and would not see if I ever returned.
I spent hours walking in Old Shanghai, in the maze of its small streets, built from bits of brick and pieces of clay and stone. I met people here — real, everyday people, some waiting for their grandchildren to come back from school; housewives buying live ducks for dinner; children playing outside with makeshift toys. I shared looks and smiles with those people and never felt like a stranger. I also saw the destruction of those neighborhoods, replaced by buildings without soul.

I am sad, sad for those people. Where are they now?

Maud WALAS Street Photography BEIJING  couverture.jpg

Looking for Beijing

The real Beijing is hidden behind the walls of its houses that stretch along the streets. I walked for miles in these streets, these hutongs, looking for life, and feeling alone and lost. I saw brick walls, empty benches, closed doors again and again. It was so quiet. Were people working at home? Having tea? I could not tell.

But there were times when I discovered just what I was looking for — life! A group of men playing Go; a boy next to his dad, laughing; a policeman and his bike; a workman taking a break. Beijing does have a soul, but it is found with patience and perseverance.